Meet the Team

Eli Silvert, Owner and Operator

Eli is the founder and operator of TZA. His passion for solving the parking infraction crisis in Boston stems from three distinct events. First, Eli has personally been towed 7+ times in his 2 brief years in Boston. He has learned something new from each occasion, and has become familiar with the struggle of trying to retrieve a vehicle when a wallet/Charlie card or phone was left in the car. Second, Eli has witnessed swaths of cars get towed during street cleaning. On one particular Spring morning, it seemed like everyone had forgotten about street cleaning. Eli was worried he was next, as his car wasn't starting (after he brought it back from the tow yard a few days prior) and the tow truck was coming! He managed to jumpstart his car in time, but still regretted that he couldn't warn his neighbors and prevent the headaches that were about to unfold upon them. After he pulled himself together, he started to do some Googling, and read that almost half of all car towings in Boston (~50k out of 100k towings per year) are due to street cleaning.

Taken collectively, these experiences have inspired Eli to try to make a positive difference by helping people avoid unnecessary and unpleasant encounters with the towing system. He believes in a neighborhood's ability to come together to create a community that looks out for itself. Instead of spending time and mental energy on dealing with car towings, he hopes that people spend their time out and about in their neighborhoods, drawing out and engaging with authentic local businesses and artists.

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As we aim to prevent towings and foster community, financial support accelerates our efforts and goes a long way in validating the importance of this initiative. If you have benefited from our alerts or simply like what we're doing, we would be sincerely grateful for your support. Contact us for more information on how you can support us with a financial donation, your time, or network.

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Phone: 617-870-3853