Meet the team:

Eli Silvert, Founder and Operator

Eli created this service after being towed numerous times after moving to Boston in the summer of 2020, after he graduated from Brown University with Honors. In making TZA, Eli combines his desire to solve the towing epidemic problem with his passion for using technology to improve civic structures. He publicizes the service to neighbors, builds the backend, and works with local policymakers to scale it and prevent towing. You are welcome to read more about Eli's motivation here and his other interests here.

Mihika Nadig, Chief Engineer

Mihika joined the TZA effort after empathizing with towed car owners and agreeing that something must be done. Having earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University, she brings automation skills to the team, making scalability of the platform possible. Additionally, her energy, curiosity, and communication skills make her effective at developing partnerships with community stakeholders, such as policymakers and local artists and businesses.

Consider financially supporting our mission.

As we aim to prevent towings and foster community, financial support accelerates our efforts and goes a long way in validating the importance of this initiative. If you have benefited from our alerts or simply like what we're doing, we would be sincerely grateful for your support. Contact us for more information on how you can support us with a financial donation, your time, or network.

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Phone: 617-870-3853