How TZA works:

Sign up with your phone number, the area you park in, and license plate number (optional).

Receive a reminder text in advance of street cleaning.

If you are parked in a street cleaning zone and someone texts in your plate #, we will send a real-time alert.

You can opt out of the service at any time by texting our number (617-870-3853) "Opt out".

Get involved with TZA!

 Our current options are:

1. Receive a weekly reminder text with details about street cleaning in your area for that week. 

2. Receive real-time alerts when you're parked in a tow zone, before you get towed.

3. Partner with us by participating in our "Neighborhood Watch", where you can text in license plate #'s that are in street cleaning zones at the time of cleaning (to support #2).

"Where's my car?!"

OK, so your car got towed — now what?

Get notified next time.

If you want to be notified about getting towed so you don't have to search the streets yourself, sign up for Towed Car Alerts provided by the City of Boston. Be sure to click "Add Plate" for the sign up to work.