Where the f*** is my car?!

O.K., so your car got towed — now what?

  1. Take a deep breath. In and out. There you go... We understand. We've been there more often than we'd like to admit.

  2. Find out where your car was towed. Look it up here: https://www.cityofboston.gov/towing/search/.

  3. Pick it up! Many tow lots have additional hourly or overnight fees.

  4. If you were already signed up for our service and still got towed, report it to us by texting our number "I got towed". This feedback is valuable as it will help us improve our service.

When you get towed, find out about it.

Have you ever searched the streets for your car, only to eventually realize you got towed? If you want to be notified after getting towed, sign up for Towed Car Alerts provided by the City of Boston. Be sure to click "Add Plate" for the sign up to work.